Welding Services

The experts at GEM Welding are experienced in several techniques of oxyacetylene welding. The most common techniques used are MIG and TIG welders (each appropriate to different materials and products).

The comprehensive set of top of the line equipment allows for the manufacture of products of various materials. GEM Welding can make special prototypes to order, and can offer expertise regarding the manufacture of component products such as joints and cases.

GEM Welding’s clients are the best testament to the quality of products and services. GEM Welding offers superior services in various capacities, depending on the clients’ individual needs. GEM Welding’s prototyping service allows clients to see their product built in an efficient manner in a manufacturing setting before going to market. Sometimes, clients just need machines assembled or repaired, which GEM Welding is able to accommodate using our extensive suite of machinery on site. GEM Welding can also manufacture component parts such as individual joints for a larger apparatus. GEM Welding serves clients needs for small- and large-scale products across a range of industries. Industries currently and previously served include commercial, military, industrial, and medical.