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Gem Welding

GEM Welding is a family owned, full-scale welding and machine shop. The experts at GEM Welding use a range of techniques and products to serve clients with diverse needs. The factory at GEM Welding includes a sophisticated suite of products to accommodate a machine assembling, lathe and grinding machining, and sheet metal fabrication.

GEM Welding has been serving clients welding, machining, and metal fabricating needs for over two dozen years. Whatever product you need built or repaired, GEM Welding will see your project through from start to finish. The professionals at GEM Welding know how to handle any project. A typical process involves determining the type of metal used, and which type of welding is suitable—depending on the structure and purpose of the finished product.

GEM Welding is not just a welding company; we offer prototyping services for a number of industries, and work with companies to fine-tune their designs. GEM Welding’s CNC machines, lathes, saws, grinders, and welders are sufficient to handle any task. GEM Welding’s clients represent medical, military, commercial, and industrial fields.


GEM Welding performs welding and manufacturing services for clients across industries. All products and services are guaranteed with a 1 Year Warranty.


See the gallery below for photos of previous products. If you don’t see what you need, call and tell us about your project needs.